16th DLI Old Comradesí Association, 1945 Address List
16 DLI 1945 Address Book Cover
16 DLI 1945 Address Book, Title Page


This is a transcription of the 16th DLI Old Comrades' Association Address booklet, which was first published in 1945 in Austria, presumably at the same time as Major L E Stringer's Battalion History. The Battalion was still in existence in late 1945, but obviously the writing was on the wall.

The spirit of comradeship and good humour within the 16th DLI was such that the idea of an Old Comrades' Association quickly gained traction. The first OCA booklet, printed in Austria in 1945, contained over 600 names and home addresses, from a unit with a nominal strength of just under 800 men. Thus roughly three quarters of the officers and other Ranks listed in the first edition are those soldiers who were still serving with the Battalion at the end of the war and and who signed up with the Old Comrades' Association while still in uniform in Austria in late 1945......

Introduction, continued.

The original 1945 Preface to the Booklet.

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